Carolyn Oates

A wise lady who has gone. One of us in that same central office in North Sydney. Five have cancer two have died. Two fighting. One ok. Below are some of her favourite words and advice. She was ageless beauty personified. As in her Dove commercial. And one speaker at her service said she was […]

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Listen to your body

So many articles talk about the benefits of managing stress and I have just spent a weekend going deeper and deeper into this whole thought. If we live constantly in a state of high excitement or high anxiety and stress we never allow our body time to relax and unwind. We live on our adrenals […]

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There are two thoughts playing on my mind over and over again this week. The first is whether there is an alternate theory than continual growth in economics and concomitantly when will our society stop this obsession with the bottom line. I am worrying about one of my relatives having had a blast of IVF […]

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