I’m one I’m two I’m three I’m you and sometimes me illusion of memory? Who am I? Who are we? via Illusion or Memory? — Source of Inspiration Advertisements

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Meditations to Clear Your Mind and Body

As anyone who’s ever had that frazzled, fried feeling can attest, stress makes you feel pretty darn awful. But recent research reveals that it isn’t just exhausting — it can actually contribute to a host of chronic conditions too, including depression and heart disease. “Stress causes chemical reactions within your body that lead to inflammation, […]

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Being Fit and Healthy

About Fit & Healthy Body Greater wellness … it’s such a desirable thing. With it, you feel better, perform better, and enjoy life more than ever, too. You can’t share wellness with others unless you’ve experienced it yourself. Greater wellness is not just about physical health. It’s also about your emotional health, your spiritual health […]

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Originally posted on Alignment Yoga Toronto:
(Rachel teaches Relief From Pain programs in Toronto. See Back Pain” or “Rehab & Yoga” for details) When you think “How do I get out of pain?” what do you think of? Rehab, massage, physio, medication, relaxation? I’m not sure what comes up for you but I would think what…


Mind and Body Connection

We are all aware of the depth of our mind/body connection. But what of our awareness of what we are conveying through the way we are holding our body. Releasing our bodies is not only good for our health but important for what we are suggesting to our world.

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