Work Yourself Out

Whenever I am asked what do I really love, I would of course say my sons, my Mother, my sister and niece; of course my partner. But when you are trying to work things out asking what your really love is a great exercise. I have read so many self development/help books, gone to workshops […]

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A simple turn of a screw would tighten the hinge of a cabinet door that has sagged for many years. Chipped cup with a broken handle gathers dust in a corner, a blouse I never liked hangs limp and unused, a board on the porch needs to be replaced…

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Scent of Love

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? Pretty poses small pink roses fill the air with fragrance sweet lilacs, gardenia jasmine flood my senses with scents delightful reminding me once again how beautifully the Creator made our world. I pause and offer thanks on a summer day.

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The Perfect Rose

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Scatter your path with petals of roses, red for love, vital and strong, white for purity–unconditional love, yellow for hope, charity, compassion. Fragrance of roses fills the air awakening our senses. Slowly blossoming into splendor, our souls mirror the perfect rose.

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The precious few

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Precious few things truly matter in this life. I’d like to think the biggies are universal—love, family, friends, kindness, support, inspiration, health. I’m not sure that’s the case for everyone. I know plenty of people for whom material success, promotions and recognition matter more. But I also like to think life…

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