Get Flexible

A lack of flexibility can lead to muscle imbalances and poor alignment. Include stretching in your weekly exercise program, and stretch daily to relieve specific points of discomfort. Try this super-easy stretch to relieve neck and shoulder stress: While standing or sitting, pull your head back, and center it over your spine. Pull your shoulders […]

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Why Pilates Doesn’t Always Work

Sophie Barnes slipped a disc while doing pilates Like thousands of women, Sophie Barnes decided to do Pilates to get back into shape after giving birth. While driven by the desire to lose her post-baby belly, Sophie, 38, was also keen on it for medical reasons. She was born with scoliosis, an abnormal curvature of […]

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Originally posted on Drysdale Osteopathy:
Slumping in front of the television or computer could deactivate muscles that support and protect your spine, triggering many otherwise inexplicable cases of lower back pain. A European Space Agency study in Berlin, Germany, in which young men spent eight weeks in bed, showed that an absence of load on…

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