What Posture Can Indicate to Others.

¬† Mood influences muscle tone, energy level, and one’s internal sense of well-being. Thus, body posture can reveal a person’s current state of mind. Anger, sadness, and disgust are by far the most recognized body postures that are indicative of emotions. Stress¬†can affect posture subconsciously; a person under stress will often have a greater amount […]

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Challenge of the day

Today’s challenge is to be aware of your posture. In most jobs, it requires us to sit in front of a computer and the natural tendency is to slouch while working. Even for jobs that are active, we should always be mindful of our posture and how we move.Having good posture helps you breathe better. […]

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Originally posted on Drysdale Osteopathy:
Slumping in front of the television or computer could deactivate muscles that support and protect your spine, triggering many otherwise inexplicable cases of lower back pain. A European Space Agency study in Berlin, Germany, in which young men spent eight weeks in bed, showed that an absence of load on…

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The Weight of the World

Originally posted on We Are United:
80% of Americans have been bothered by back pain!!! This is the most common reason for job-related disability in the United States. To say we have a national problem is an understatement. Most jobs in the United States and the western world required prolong sitting and computer use. Bad…

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Bad News Good News

Originally posted on Everett Chiropractic Center Blog:
On average there are more than 250,000 work-related back injuries each year in the United States resulting in time lost. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Nonfatal cases involving days away from work: Selected characteristics (2003). U.S. Department of Labor, 2011. I read this statistic in an article in the…

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