Get Flexible

A lack of flexibility can lead to muscle imbalances and poor alignment. Include stretching in your weekly exercise program, and stretch daily to relieve specific points of discomfort. Try this super-easy stretch to relieve neck and shoulder stress: While standing or sitting, pull your head back, and center it over your spine. Pull your shoulders […]

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Mental Benefits of Exercise – reposted from KARP

The physical benefits of regular exercise, including increased strength and a lower susceptibility to disease, are well known. But most are still not aware of the proven neurological, psychological, and emotional benefits of an old-fashioned sweat session. For starters, here are four marvelous mental benefits of exercise: Workouts Can Be Relaxing…no, really! When you reserve […]

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 Ease Pain In …

  Ease Pain In Your Back By Trying These Ideas Posted on July 21, 2012   Muscle injury is the root cause of most back pain. Any type of twist or strain can damage the ligaments in your back muscles leading to back pain. The following article is going to inform you of much useful advice […]

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