Source of Inspiration

A simple turn of a screw
would tighten the hinge
of a cabinet door
that has sagged for many years.
Chipped cup with a broken handle
gathers dust in a corner,
a blouse I never liked
hangs limp and unused,
a board on the porch
needs to be replaced
but I step over it instead.

I’m in a relationship
that has not worked for years,
if love exists at all,
its tepid and sour;
we both know it over yet we stay
too afraid or indifferent to change.

My work is the same as its been for years,
yet somehow I long for more.
Then one day I look around me and see
how life is passing me by.
My mom died full of regrets
for things that she failed to do.
“Do let this happen to you”
was her final gift;
it was a wake-up call for me.


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