The precious few

Beautiful sentiment


Precious few things truly matter in this life. I’d like to think the biggies are universal—love, family, friends, kindness, support, inspiration, health. I’m not sure that’s the case for everyone. I know plenty of people for whom material success, promotions and recognition matter more.

But I also like to think life hands the very wise or lucky among us opportunities to figure out what is truly important. And I think the group that values what we leave behind—material success, recognition, etc.—misses the boat.

I sat in a church last night. I haven’t sat in a church for quite some time, being a lapsed Catholic. Spirituality resonates. A church besmudged by man’s rules? Not so much. But last night, I smelled the incense. Soaked in the trumpets, the choir, the candles. Watched as my youngest son was confirmed, with my oldest sister’s hand on his shoulder. There is some beautiful symmetry…

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