Carolyn Oates

A wise lady who has gone. One of us in that same central office in North Sydney. Five have cancer two have died. Two fighting. One ok.

Below are some of her favourite words and advice.

She was ageless beauty personified. As in her Dove commercial. And one speaker at her service said she was an example of how to love properly.
Have the courage to be yourself no one else does
Laughter squeezes the liver –  (I would add – laugh hard, and she did!)
The world is your oyster
Smell the roses
Let the waves wash over you

Carolyn featured in a Dove campaign and I cannot find all the images from 11 years ago but I have popped one in. She was stunning. She had an aura you wanted to be around. She made the world a much better place to be in.  She truly radiated ageless beauty or as Fiona Handbury said understated elegance.

I remember being on different work retreats with Carolyn and I would seek her out to hear her wise words on some or other issue.


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