Alignment Yoga Toronto

(Rachel teaches Relief From Pain programsin Toronto. See “Back Pain” or “Rehab & Yoga” for details)

What Does Rehab Yoga Look Like?

Overall Program: I would think when you hear Yoga you see different postures. When you hear Rehab you see exercises. And this is true. With Rehab Yoga there is the overall goal to develop strength if there is weakness, to develop mobility if there is restriction, to develop relaxation if there is tension through proper alignment, yoga postures, rehab exercises, and relaxation work. We have an individualized, evolving program that we do each week to work towards these goals.

BUT… You have to also know how to feel what’s happening today.

Being Present: Ask yourself what do you feel today? Who’s here? What are his or her needs? Are you feeling vulnerable, strong, tight, and/or anxious? We have to learn how to feel what’s happening right now to…

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