Relieve your Tennis Elbow


As a researcher I have spent years practicing my craft on myself every time I have some sporting or other injury. This time it was a very simple thing. I have had a really interesting four weeks trying to alleviate the pain caused when I twisted a cap off a jar! I have ended up twisting my radial nerve which now presents very similar symptoms to what is classically designated as tennis elbow! Twisting a jar has changed my life!

I did the usual things as I am so used to sports and other injuries – massage, heat, anti-inflammatories etc – to no avail. I ended up having a few acupuncture sessions and at the end of this week’s session my acupuncturist recommend I roll a towel and place that length-ways under my back so that I would get some relief from the pain I now have in my shoulder since I have been holding my arm at an angle.

I was glad that I could tell him I would do better than that and adjusted my bodybolster accordingly lengthways on my body as the photo of Abbey shows. The bodybolster is a much-improved rolled-towel technique! Instant relief! Not only for my poor elbow which is like a tennis elbow injury now – but also for my shoulder which I have been contorting with the pain of the nerve. The relief was so great I fell asleep. I have to be wary typing so I won’t spend too much time on this post. Believe me the bodybolster helped so much I fell asleep on it!


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